Angelic Guidance and Healing Sessions with Cecilia

Cecilia Andrews uses her empathic gifts and her connections to Spirit to assist you in your unique journey toward spiritual healing and an invigorated sense of well-being. Powerful spiritual clearings and cleansing have helped many people over the years. Cecilia teams with Archangels, angels and Spirit Guides of High Frequency, and blessings are imparted by way of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and our Beloved Mother, our Lady of Guadalupe, the Virgin Mary.

Are you ready for your chance to work with Cecilia as you receive God's blessings in your life and discover the life that awaits you? Complete information and session request opportunities can be found on her new website, Spiritual Shamanic Healer of God at

"After my first session with Cecilia, I knew that she had a special gift. My life has been changed forever. I only wish that I had met with her much sooner. I am more at peace with myself than ever before. I have always had trouble sleeping and relaxing and now that she has helped me let go of my fears, I am a new person a truly incredible journey everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing. Cecilia is a Godsend." -Michael

"My session was unlike anything I had ever experienced before, the prayers and words that Cecilia spoke during my session helped me to surrender all the heaviness, resentments and unforgiveness I was carrying in my heart. I could actually feel the presence of Jesus holding me, and as many tears streamed down my face, I felt all the pain and hurt leaving me. God was healing me - it was a truly beautiful experience. It is quite breathtaking to feel the presence of God alongside the compassion of Jesus who came with all his love, understanding and forgiveness. Because of Cecilia's guidance, it was the first time I ever clearly heard and felt God so profoundly. I felt truly loved. -Christina

"Prior to meeting Cecilia, I was "stressed" and having a difficult time knowing how to achieve my goals. I have many goals and did not know if I could accomplish them in the time frame I've set. Cecilia has a way of speaking to you in YOUR language. She helped me focus on what I need which has in turn decreased my "stress." I now have even greater focus on the things I need. With the tools she has taught me I am able to re-center and focus when things start to feel out of order." -Dr. J. Brown D.C
Crystals Blessed for You
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Please Note
Angelic Guidance and Healing is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Angelic Guidance and Healing is for the purpose of spiritual healing and healing of the outer bodies to assist a person in their own physical healing. It is also for stress reduction and relaxation. Cecilia does not diagnose conditions, nor does she perform medical treatment or prescribe medications. Cecilia's work is complementary to regular traditional and alternative healing therapies.
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Cecilia's healing has uplifted and inspired me to continue learning more about my self. She has encouraged me to listen to my divine guidance and her service has been a wonderful experience in my life. Thank you, Cecilia, for the healing work!
- Katy C.